Saturday, October 3, 2015

♡ About Coaching retreating, and Cluj ♡

Thx for the compliments, (but;) I didn't draw this...

In the middle of a coach retreat, and my head is buzzing.

Will probably write something later, but would like to have comments...



  1. Thanks to everyone this was an enjoyable and informative event! AND, I really hope people will reference their favorite literature on the subject (books, articles, blogs, courses, anything worth sharing)!

    Cristian Stancalau

  2. Hi Cristian,
    - The best book I read is Coaching Agile Teams, by Lisa Adkins
    - Rachel Davis can be inspiring - search videos on youtube

    But as you know already. it is more the experience less the knowledge.

    Thanks for participating!

    1. Thank you Dov! You are right about experience and knowledge is also valuable :)

    2. knowing that silence is important is a 2 minute read.
      understanding that is a lifelong road
      (zen thought of the day ;)

  3. Hello,
    this was an enriching event. I really had fun, learned a lot and made new friends.
    I agree with you, Dov, I think practice takes the information and turns it into knowledge and eventually wisdom. Still, these are some books I love to recommend:
    - Coaching related, I really liked "Coaching for performance" and Landsberg's "Coaching"
    - in the trend of personal development and continuous improvement, I loved Syed's "Bounce" and Dweck's "Mindset" (I find this article to be a good summary, but you won't regret the entire read:
    - Any of Gladwell's books - I found really healthy ideas in his writings
    - Agile related, I think "Extreme Programming Explained" is a good manifesto for Agile oriented values. I really like the less technical practices and I think the book is a must read for anyone coaching in the software development industry
    - I cannot recommend books and not mention Carnegie's "How to win friends and influence people". Written in 1936 (I think), it's unbelievably actual and valid for our times.

    Don't forget to have fun, or the sheriff might get you!

  4. Thanks Dov,

    This was an enlightening experience for me. I'm talking about all activities of the passed week, the BBL, the Open Space and ending with the Coach Retreat. I learned a lot by practicing and over practicing coaching during the Coach Retreat event. I was amazed at some of the coaching tools which seem easy to apply but who are of such a big impact. The "silence" for example, which shockingly for me, it leads to improved communication. Or how very simple is to pass power into the hands of the coachee by a simple act, like letting him do the writing in the coaching session. These examples are just little drops of wisdom that I received during the event. I'm talking in examples because it's hard to express all the (hard to define) things I learned as a whole from the coach retreat.

    Thanks again for the adventure!

    1. Thanks for affirming my intuition, and a big hug.
      I learned a lot as well, this week and this weekend.
      - one of the affirmations I got is the power of saying thank you.

      Hence i thank you, and all the participants (not forgetting myself;) for this experience.
      For the concrete and the inconcrete things we learned, tought and did.


  5. The coach retreat event was a great learning experience and it was also a very enjoyable one, having fun and getting to know some really nice people!

    Having a confirmation on what you know in theory, as an instant or shared feedback from the others, is so powerful.
    Observing and trying to help as a coach in a 'real' problematic situation, applying different techniques while also receiving authentic feedback from a lot of people of different backgrounds(qa/developer/SM/PM/Coach...) brings so much value.

    So, I am really grateful that I was able to be a part of this event!

    1. Bianca,
      I am so glad you managed to both facilitate and participate,
      Part of why I wanted you-two to do the facilitation is so there will be experienced facilitators in Cluj, and to pass around the great experience I had.
      Now you can organize another event, and find out no two Coach retreats are alike :)

  6. Hi Dov,

    The retreat was awesome and exceed my expectations. Thanks for facilitating it and also for the fact that was free. In my opinion it was more helpul than many costly workshops.

    A have 2 things in mind when thinking of retreat:
    First, I had a lot of fun and good mod.
    Second, I learned a lot of useful techniques that can help me improve my soft skills.

    Also, thanks for the trick with moving coins from one pocket to another when using "yes, but ..." :-) .


    1. Great feedback, thx!
      - Free is cause more things should be free. Id rather expensive workshop go bankrupt than charging for this (also, the format is free)
      - Part of the power is to realize all is in your hands

      About the coin trick, I thought about it on the spot ;)

      Till we meet again!

  7. Do you know why Jesus does not loose his documents? Because Jesus saves.
    For sure I am not Jesus so I lost two commentaries so far. I'll try to save them now.

    The event had a lot of power itself because people ran it and these people had a connection. This can be seen from the pictures. You cannot just make a nice picture and arrange the connections between people like that.

    For me is also something to use as an inspiration when I need it playing the scrum master role in the company I work. This is great and good for people I work with.

    We are thinking about the next event already. The plan is to have it as soon as possible (I do not know yet what this means :) ).

    I now try to lear how to solve Rubik cube and this is a good lesson for me also, because I try to learn how to solve it together with my 6 years old son. It is a good lesson to see how he handle these things.

    Thank you all that participated because the event was something that you created.

    1. Its great!
      Just like a Kata, where you throw the result and start again!
      So now you are a comments master!

      I will be oh-so-happy to see more coach retreats all over!
      Thanks for letting me play, and playing along.

      By the powers invested in you, I now declare you a certified Coach retreat Facilitator!

      May the force be with you! (and your son)
      And with Bianca :)

    2. Thank you my friend!

      Indeed, comments were different every time.

      The coach retreats are a good frame for people to start exercise and discover things. As a direction I would go to include more non-IT people. Laura mentioned at some point that she was lost with all the technical terms we used, that in the end did not matter that much. This is also an important lesson for me: everything I learnt in the sessions I could apply in other areas, for example dealing with my son tantrums. It is also really cool to see him copy me and ask questions to make us realize what is wrong with what we want to do. I am ecstatic to see him doing this. “Truly wonderful the mind of a child is.”

      I am humbled to be a certified Coach Retreat Facilitator. I can add this to SCJP certified, Husband certified, Father certified, and of course stand-up comedian certified.

      I must push the comment now because my son ask for my attention and my laptop have hick-ups.

  8. For you my friends. I know a long time passed. Please forgive my general relativity: