Monday, May 26, 2014

Agile France - first impressions are often correct...

Just came from Agile France, that is (in my limited life experience) the bestest conf in the world, a Disneyland for the mind and spirit.

So, why did I love it?
- I adore the French Agile community.
- It is lean, the only goody we received were 10 S-Miles (my translation of Sou-Rire) on which I will blog separately.
- It is sponsor-free.
- We were encouraged to bring post-its and markers with us, and were promised a chance to get a unicorn if we do (they ran out of stock...)
- I got to a chance to use my new visit-card (the one with my Ullink Fun-Sheriff title)
- My mind was blown by the S-Miles economy (told you already...  details to follow in a separate post)
​- Got to make noise 'bout my Fun-Sheriff role, ​'bout why we shouldn't estimate, and all around. (and was accepted patiently, like a special-needs sheriff in a polite town :)
- Got to meet old friends I didn't meet for a long time
- Got to meet new great friends (notably, -but not limited to- Matty)
- Danced and sang to the wonderful Banjo of Pablo
- Didn't touch my cellphone for two days
- Did Qui-gong on the grass in the mornin'
- Learned how to Scribe ! (with the amazing Romain)
- Participated in a huge group-Scribe (or Fresque) - an amazin' work and experience!
​​- Met Magda and had an inspiring talk with her.

And mainly - Got a way clearer understanding about my identity and a sense of belonging in the greatest community I know.

I'll update this post with pic and links when I get'em, for now I'm out-a-here...

Yer Fun'em-bear.

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