Monday, October 3, 2011

Time (is on my side)

Sometime you realize how disconnected you are from someone else's reality only when it hits you in the face.
Following is a word for word transcript of a totally fictitious conversation...

- I don't understand, why should we start the standup at 10:00 sharp?
- Because it is the time everyone is already in, why is it a problem?, we can make it 10:15 if it is too early.
- No, if it is exactly on time, than if I start something before that, I have to cut whatever I am doing for the standup
- Yes, but you can plan your time, don't start anything big before it, and just prepare for the three standup questions one minute in advance.
- But why can't we have the standup when I am finished with what I'm doing?
- Because this way everyone else would have to wait for you.
- Hmm..., OK, so let's start the meeting everyday when the last person of the team shows up!
- Don't you see it is worst for you? this way you will cut your work unexpectedly, and what if when the last team members arrives, one of the existing ones take a coffee-break?
- So let's do it everyday when everyone can.
- RRRR... OK, It is at 10:00  because I reserved a meeting room for this hour, and it won't be available later!!!
- OK, OK, dear lord..., why are you shouting?

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