Saturday, October 1, 2011

Creationism my eye!

One of the proofs Creationism uses to show Evolution is rubbish is the eye.

Basically it goes like this - The eye is too complex a functionality to be created at the process of evolution, hence there must be someone who thought of the whole functionality, and created the organ to suit it.

If you are not a software developer, you may also claim that the existence of MS-Windows (*)  is the proof of the existence of Bill Gates that had a big and totally detailed idea, and created this marvel of software to suit it.

Being in the software business, though, I know things work totally differently.

Most pieces of software, even the famous one (Say an Operating system) have the following life-cycle:
- Someone has a vague idea of what she (**) wants.
- Some code is written to implement this, on the way some details turn out to be impossible or too hard to implement, and some plain irrelevant, and of course some bugs are introduced.
- Through Q.A. ,user's feedback, manager's ideas, or something of the sort, some bugs are fixed and some minor functionality is added or altered.
- If the initial idea survives for long enough, some major changes are introduced (think of major Windows versions), most of the time based on the old code (using the "if it aint broke don't fix it" law)
- If the system survives longer than ATNP*π, the following applies:
   ( ATNP = the Average Time it takes a developer to seek a New Post,  π=3.141592653589793 23846...) 
   - There is no-one who totally understands how the code works.
   - The functionality is as far away from the original design as (fill in your own metaphor).
Given the fact the first man was born at least 5771 years ago (which is the minimum of 3.5 billion years, the Ussher date, and the Hebrew date) and setting ATNP to 30 years (a generous average time for a human to give offsprings), and given the fact 30*π <  5771, I'd argue the eye is a nice piece of evolutionary artifact.

Now, I know what you are thinking (***), but I assure you my intention in this blog is to talk about Software and Scrum, and I'll really try to get closer to it next time! (though I think I talked about both today ;-)

Till nextime!

The S.E.B.

(*) Some argue Bill Gates is the devil, I'd say he is god since they say god is in the details, and MS-products tend to have waaaay too much of those. 
(**) See my previous post.
(***) You are thinking - "no you don't"

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  1. Ah, and I forgot one small issue, is the eye's design is so divine, what's the story of the blind-spot? for me it is a Beature (a bug that someone defined in retrospective as a feature), can't we have the wiring installed outside the device??